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  더우주 마스크팩, 롭스 공식 입점 / THE OOZOO sheet mask officially enters LOHB’s THEOOZOO

2017년 12월 12일    더우주 마스크팩, 롭스 공식 입점

관련 링크:

 Press Release

THE OOZOO sheet mask officially enters LOHB’s

Presenting the OZOO BEAR MASK, fresh capsule mask and power capsule mask


The functional cosmetic brand ‘THE OOZOO (Representative Lee Ha-jun)’ has officially entered Lotte Shopping’s health and beauty store ‘LOHB’s’.


THE OOZOO can now present their products through a total of 10 offline stores including the Garosugil branch, Beomgye branch, Sunae branch, Suwon Ingye branch, Ansan Central branch, Wangsimni Station branch, World Mall 1st branch, Jamsil Castle branch, Hongdae branch and Hwagok branch.


The products being sold at LOHB’s include three OZOO BEAR MASKS, two fresh capsule masks (cocoon silk, rose petal) and two power capsule masks. The fresh capsule masks, which are presented as a new double product, is an attempt at a differentiated product through a unique packaging idea where the natural ingredients are separated/stored in a capsule and mixed immediately before use.


An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “We officially entered LOHB’s to promulgate THE OOZOO brand to domestic consumers and strengthen communication. Through a strategic relation with LOHB’s, we will do our utmost to not only strengthen contact with our consumers, but to provide various experiences in relation to future products.”


‘THE OOZOO’ plans to enter all LOHB’s stores in the future and work on expanding their domestic distribution network.