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  더우주, 러시아 진출 가속화…‘일레 드 보떼’ 추가 입점 / THE OOZOO accelerates entry into the Russian market THEOOZOO

2017년 11월 30일   더우주, 러시아 진출 가속화…‘일레 드 보떼’ 추가 입점

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 Press Release

THE OOZOO accelerates entry into the Russian market…additional stores of ‘ILE DE BEAUTE’

Confirmed entry into 51 ‘ILE DE BEAUTE’ stores within the year

Official targeting of the Russian market


The functional cosmetic brand ‘THE OOZOO (Representative Lee Ha-jun)’ revealed that they will be added to additional stores of the premium Russian concept store ‘ILE DE BEAUTE’ and will officially be targeting the Russian beauty market.


‘ILE DE BEAUTE,’ which accounts for 65% of the Russian cosmetic market, is Russia’s largest premium concept store with 140 stores currently operating in Russia.


THE OOZOO, which entered 21 of the 140 ‘ILE DE BEAUTE’ stores in Russia, plans to expand its market share in the Russian beauty market and brand awareness by entering an additional 30 stores.


The products that will be presented in the Russian market include the five ‘THE OOZOO FACE IN-SHOT MASKS’ (NUTRIENT, AGE CURE, HYDROLIFT, ILLUMINATION, PREMIUM BLACK), which are the signature injection-type ampoule masks of THE OOZOO, ‘THE OOZOO FACE CAPSULE SHOT MASK AQUA CAPSULE,’ two ‘POWER CAPSULE MASKS’ (RECOVERY, LIGHTENING), three ‘THE OOZOO BEAR MASKS’ (WATER-BANG HYDRATING, BLACK SPACE PORE CARING, AURORA ILLUMINATING) and two ‘THE OOZOO FACE FOILAYER MASKS’ (SILVER, GOLD), which are drawing a big response from Russian consumers according to the company.


An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “The interest and popularity of K-Beauty in Russia, which achieved an annual cosmetic import of USD 1 billion, is high with Korea ranked in the top 10 cosmetic import countries of the first half of this year. We plan to actively promote the excellence of K-beauty in the Russian market based on our differentiated technology and quality, and innovative packaging ideas.”


‘THE OOZOO’ is spurring the expansion of distribution channels within Russia with confirmation for entrance into the TSUM department store, which boasts the largest scale in Eastern Europe, following the additional stores in the premium Russian concept store “ILE DE BEAUTE.’