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  더우주, ‘2017 홍콩 코스모프로프’ 성료 “업계 주목” / THE OOZOO successfully completes 2017 Hong Kong Cosmoprof THEOOZOO

2017년 11월 24일    더우주, ‘2017 홍콩 코스모프로프’ 성료 “업계 주목”

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 Press Release

THE OOZOO successfully completes 2017 Hong Kong Cosmoprof… ‘focused attention’ from industry

Obtains big achievement at 2017 Hong Kong Cosmoprof

First to be sold out in boutique event


The functional cosmetic brand ‘THE OOZOO (Representative Lee Ha-jun) revealed that they participated in the ‘2017 Hong Kong Cosmoprof’ and successfully concluded the event.


The ‘2017 Hong Kong Cosmoprof,’ which was held at the Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center from the 15th to 17th, is a large-scale exposition that is known as one of the world’s top 3 beauty expositions. This event, which was hosted by BolognaFiere Group and UBM Asia Ltd., presented various products by 2,698 companies from about 49 countries including Korea, the US, France, Germany and Japan.


THE OOZOO, which also participated in this exposition, obtained a booth with a space concept that matches the brand and presented the ‘IN-SHOT MASK series,’ which are the company’s signature injection-type ampoule masks, and their new product ‘FRESH-CAPSULE-MASK,’ which received much attention.


The newly launched ‘FRESH-CAPSULE-MASK’ is a unique mask product which separates and stores natural ingredients in a capsule, which is mixed immediately before use, and it was sufficient for drawing the attention of spectators.

In particular, the ‘ROSE PETAL,’ which provides immediate tone-up effects for translucent, bright and glowing skin, and the ‘COCOON SILK MASK,’ which makes the skin soft and resilient, received positive response according to a company affiliate.


In addition, THE OOZOO also participated in the boutique event within the exposition and clearly proved interest from the industry by setting the first sold out record among other participating companies. The boutique event was a ‘sample sales event,’ which produced the best sellers of participating companies into travel size products, and the spectators were able to purchase a total of seven products at a minimum of 100 HKD as a deluxe box.

In this event, which donated all profits to a Hong Kong breast cancer organization, THE OOZOO was the first to be sold out among the 14 participating companies.


An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “We are very pleased to be with the world-renowned 2017 Hong Kong Cosmoprof exposition. Using this event as an opportunity, we will do our best to become a representative Korean cosmetic brand in the global beauty market.”


Meanwhile, THE OOZOO plans to officially make agreements with big buyers from the Americas, Europe, South America and Asia through connections from the exposition.