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   더우주, 태국 시장 진출 / THE OOZOO enters the Thai market, “expanding online and offline channels” THEOOZOO

2017년 8월 30일     더우주, 태국 시장 진출 "온라인 및 오프라인 등 입점 채널 확대"

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 Press Release

THE OOZOO enters the Thai market, “expanding online and offline channels”

Entering drug stores and variety stores in Thailand

Presenting representative products such as injection-type ampoule masks


The functional cosmetic brand THE OOZOO has entered the Thai market.


THE OOZOO, which officially began targeting the Thai market in July, has entered six online and offline channels including the drug stores ‘Boots,’ ‘Beautrium,’ ‘Tsuruha,’ ‘Stardust,’ ‘Loft’ and the Thai beauty shopping mall ‘Konvy.’


The products that are being presented in these channels include the two ‘FACE IN-SHOT MASKS’ (HYDROLIFT, INTENSIVE WHITE) and ‘ENERGY SHOT PREMIUM BLACK’, which are the signature injection-type ampoule masks of THE OOZOO, and the two ‘CAPSULE SHOT MASKS’ (AQUA, WHITENING). THE OOZOO plans to target Thai consumers through their products which are based on THE OOZOO-exclusive technology which separately stores the ampoule from the mask pack in an injection form.


An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “Starting with the launch in Thailand, we are aiming to secure brand awareness in the Thai market during the latter half of this year. With meeting consumers through various channels being our main goal, we plan to not only strengthen communication with our Thai consumers by additionally entering the variety shop Beauty Market in mid-September, but also expand the range of products being sold at the stores, and actively increase our market share and sales.”


THE OOZOO is a cosmetic company established through cooperation with the representative Hallyu entertainment companies ‘KEYEAST’ and ‘Pan Entertainment.’ They have succeeded in entering Asian countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore as well as Europe, the US, Canada and Dubai, and are actively increasing stores focusing on E-mart and drug stores in Korea. Recently, they have concluded a sole distribution agreement with China’s Hylink Group and are growing as a global brand with the official start of sales in China.