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  더우주, 마케팅 전문 ‘하이링크 유한공사 그룹’과 총판 계약 체결 “중국 진출 본격화”/THE OOZOO officially enters the Chinese market THEOOZOO

 2017년 8월 11일    더우주, 마케팅 전문 ‘하이링크 그룹’과 총판 계약 체결 “중국 진출 본격화”

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Press Release

THE OOZOO officially enters the Chinese market

Exclusive distribution agreement with marketing company ‘Hylink Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.’


The functional cosmetic brand ‘THE OOZOO’ has concluded a Chinese online and offline market exclusive distribution agreement with ‘Beijing Hylink Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter ‘Hylink’)’.


Hylink, which concluded an agreement on exclusive distribution with THE OOZOO, was established in 1994 and is China’s largest digital advertisement company with its headquarters in Beijing and 11 branches across China in different cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Xian, and global branches in Seoul, London, Hong Kong and LA. The company specializes in marketing and business within China for global brands.


THE OOZOO is setting their sales goal at RMB 1 billion (approximately KRW 170 billion) within three years by aggressively pioneering new online and offline markets such as opening directly managed malls within Chinese online shopping malls such as T-mall, Taobao,, etc., and beginning sales at offline stores in China through an agreement with Hylink.

An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “The fact that Hylink, which has many cases of successful sales and marketing experience with global brands such as L’oreal, selected THE OOZOO among other Korean cosmetic companies is quite significant. We expect the position of our brand to be strengthened in the Chinese market based on the funding power and marketing abilities of Hylink in China.”

THE OOZOO is also additionally cooperating with Hanya Commerce & Trade for offline business and plans to aggressively seek business in online/offline channels within China through this cooperation.

Hanya Commerce & Trade is an import trade company that does business in various offline networks in China, and holds over 10,000 offline sales channels.

Hi-Link and Hanya revealed that they are in the process of adding THE OOZOO products, which have received sanitary licenses, in 8,000 stores in China within the next six months. 

They expect THE OOZOO products, which have a differentiated aspect in terms of product quality, to have high potential for success in China as it did in Europe.


‘THE OOZOO’ is a cosmetic company established through cooperation with representative Hallyu entertainment companies ‘KEYEAS’ and ‘Pan Entertainment.’ They have succeeded in entering markets in Asian countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore as well as Europe, the US, Canada and Dubai, and they are working on increasing their stores based on E-mart and drug stores in Korea.