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  더우주, 드럭스토어 ‘부츠’ 명동점 입점 / THE OOZOO enters Korea’s largest scale drug store ‘Boots’ Myeongdong Branch THEOOZOO

2017년 8월 4일      더우주, 드럭스토어 ‘부츠’ 명동점 입점

관련 링크 :

 Press Release

THE OOZOO enters Korea’s largest scale drug store ‘Boots’ Myeongdong Branch

Presenting the injection sheet mask, OOZOO BEAR MASKS, POWER-CAPSULE-MASK, etc.


The functional cosmetic brand ‘THE OOZOO’ has officially entered the drug store ‘Boots Myeongdong Branch.’


Boots Myeongdong, which opened last month, boasts the largest size among the four Korean branches with a total floor area of approximately 380-pyeong and is a ‘total solution’ concept store which covers various areas including healthcare, beauty, food and beverage, etc.


THE OOZOO is presenting their new ‘POWER-CAPSULE-MASK (2 types),’ ‘OOZOO BEAR MASK (3 types)’ and ‘INJECTION-MASK (3 types),’ which is their signature injection-type ampoule mask product through Boots Myeongdong.


The mask packs presented through Boots Myeongdong are products based on THE OOZOO-exclusive technology that separates and freshly stores ampoule, and the injection mask in particular has acquired an injection-method mask kit patent for the first time in Korea.


An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “We are focusing on expanding stores abroad and in Korea such as our entrance into E-mart stores during the first half of this year. Through our entrance into Boots Myeongdong, we plan to strengthen contact with various consumers in Korea and abroad by utilizing the regional characteristics of Myeongdong, which has a dense crowd of international tourists from Japan, China, etc., and is often called the heaven of K-beauty.”


‘THE OOZOO’ is a cosmetic company that was established through cooperation with the famous Hallyu entertainment companies ‘KEYEAST’ and ‘Pan Entertainment.’


During the first half of this year, THE OOZOO has successfully entered 92 branches of E-mart in Korea including 17 branches in Seoul, and the INJECTION-MASK (3 types), OOZOO BEAR MASK (3 types), POWER-CAPSULE-MASK (1 type), IN-SHOT-MASK (2 types) and CAPSULE-SHOT-MASK (2 types) can be found at the daily supply corner and ‘From Nature’ concept store in E-mart.