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  더우주, 프리미엄 화장품 스페인 '세포라' 입점 / ‘THE OOZOO’, entered all Sephora stores in Spain THEOOZOO

2017년 5월 11일    프리미엄 화장품 브랜드 더우주, 스페인 '세포라' 입점

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 Press Release

A premium cosmetics brand, ‘THE OOZOO’, entered all Sephora stores in Spain

THE OOZOO introduced a syringe type ampoule mask and its new product, Power Capsule Mask


A premium cosmetics brand, ‘THE OOZOO (CEO Kim Yong-cheol)’ entered Sephora stores in Spain.


Sephora is chain of global cosmetics stores and THE OOZOO currently completed entering about 120 Sephora stores in Spain following a press event held with Sephora last month.


The products THE OOZOO introduced at Sephora stores in Spain include 5 types of their signature syringe type ampoule masks, IN-SHOT MASK, 3 types of OOZOO BEAR MASKs, 

and 2 types of their new product, POWER CAPSULE MASK. These signature products of THE OOZOO are applied with the company’s unique packaging ideas and technology.


THE OOZOO plans to actively attract consumers globally, particularly in Europe, with its mask packs that offer differentiated technology, exceptional quality, and innovative design by increasing the number of countries entered from 12 to 30 including 10 European countries by end of this year.


A representative of THE OOZOO said, “The brand will enter the largest cosmetics market in Europe after entering Sephora stores in Spain” and added, “We will do our best to become 

a cosmetics brand that represents Korea by spreading K-beauty and Korean culture through marketing strategies that have stories in addition to our unique products”.


‘THE OOZOO’ is a premium cosmetics brand that was partially founded by a major Hallyu entertainment company, KEYEAST. The brand succeeded in entering Asian countries 

including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore in addition to Canada and Dubai.


Furthermore, the brand entered ‘WOJOOH’ in Dubai that only distributes premium brands including CHANEL, Dior, and Guerlain. The brand is actively pushing forward its plan of 

entering the global beauty market by launching its products at a variety store in Japan, ‘Rosemary’, in April while confirming its entrance to a drug store in Thailand, Boots,

and the largest drug store in the United States in May and June respectively.


The representative of THE OOZOO explained that since the brand was established by Korean entertainment companies including KEYEAST and Pan Entertainment, 
the major shareholders are closely cooperating in the business without any changes in the equity despite the aftermath of the deployment of THAAD.