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  '더우주', 북유럽 33개국 H&M 257개 매장 입점 완료 / ‘THE OOZOO’ completed entering three Scandinavian countries, 257 THEOOZOO

2018.04.05 '더우주', 북유럽 33개국 H&M 257개 매장 입점


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Press Release

‘THE OOZOO’ completed entering three Scandinavian countries, 257 stores of H&M

High speed up to European market

The OOZOO Ltd, a company specialized in functional cosmetics, announced that they have entered 257 stores of H&M in Scandinavia, Swedish fast fashion company.

A Swedish multinational clothing-retail company that sells clothing, accessories, and cosmetics opened the very first store in Sweden and has opened 4,700 stores in 69 countries since 1947. THE OOZOO has entered 148 stores in Sweden, 107 stores in Norway and 2 stores in Iceland and also plans to enter Denmark and Finland and expand their market not only to North Europe but to whole Europe.

An Insider of THE OOZOO said “Positive market reaction from European customers after expanding market to 15 countries in Europe including France and Spain was a trigger for us to enter H&M” and said, “We expect European customers to try out our products more convenient and easy”.

THE OOZOO, started off with a syringe typed ampoule sheet mask which has main concept of ‘mix right before use’, has launched Face in-shot, Power Capsules, Fresh Capsules, OOZOO Bear and many functional sheet masks and drew out great market response and it lead to an expansion to skincare products including Cream, Eye Cream, Essence, and Homme series.

Currently has entered more than 6,000 stores in China and 1,900 stores in global market. Domestically you can meet THE OOZOO through Olive Young, BOOTS, LOHBS, and other drugstores and online shopping mall.