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  '더우주, 일본 ‘크리마레’ 입점…해외 시장 공략 박차 / THE OOZOO enters Japan’s ‘CREE`MARE’…spurring overseas market growt THEOOZOO

2017년 12월 21일    '더우주, 일본 ‘크리마레’ 입점…해외 시장 공략 박차

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Press Release

THE OOZOO enters Japan’s ‘CREE`MARE’…spurring overseas market growth

The functional cosmetic brand ‘THE OOZOO (Representative, Lee Ha-jun)’ revealed that it has entered Japan’s ‘CREE`MARE’.


CREE`MARE, which is a beauty and life shop that has expanded the concept of health and beauty shops and cosmetic concept stores to present a new form, is being sold in 

large department stores throughout the main cities and districts of Japan including Shinjuku, Osaka, etc.


THE OOZOO will present their products at a total of 5 locations including the Shinjuku Lumine Department Store, Nagoya Parco Department Store, Osaka Lucua 1100 

Department Store and Umeda Hankyu Department Store, and Fukuoka Solaria Plaza through its entry into Japan’s CREE`MARE.


An affiliate of THE OOZOO explained, “We are very pleased to be able to present THE OOZOO products through our entrance into Japan’s CREE`MARE. We plan to accelerate our penetration into the Japanese beauty market by being showcased in CREE`MARE shops, which have already secured credibility and market share in the Japanese beauty market.”


THE OOZOO is actively promulgating K-beauty throughout the global beauty market through entry into 16 countries including China, Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, Japan, etc.


Moreover, they plan to further expand global market entry and distribution networks by additionally entering France, Italy, Sweden and 15 other European countries during 

the first half of 2018.